Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's a wee monkey...
He's a wee monkey...
Lunch at Gleneagles today. Fabulous.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Plumaudan France, Jazz Alps and New Friends

Wednesday 1st April 2009

Show Day - slept a bit later and then did a little shopping in Dinan. We met up with some friends for coffee , Dr John - who a few years ago had given me some medical attention when I fell down the stairs in our house in Kirkmichael. It was the first day of the KIGF 2002 - I had stupidly worn some hotel slippers and slipped on the top step of our stairs - fell down on to my bottom on the top stair - winded myself and then passed out and proceeded to fall down the whole staircase - unconscious at the bottom. James thought I was a goner - eyes were wide open but there was no response! Eventually I came to - a head X-ray confirmed that all was OK but Dr. John was at the festival that year and he raced down to our house to examine me! So that was my introduction to Dr John.

We all jumped into the car and drove to Dr. John's new house - which is in the process of being renovated - wow - it will be amazing when it's finished and of course we are all invited to the house warming in June! Hope I can make it!

The gig at night went well and I met a lovely girl called Julie who lives next door to Martin - her daughter, Aiyana who is about 2 years old, comes into Martin's garden when no one is there and kisses the Buddha in the garden. How sweet is that! Julie passed in some pictures of Aiyana kissing the Buddha.

Julie and her husband and Aiyana are all moving to the Alps to set up a new business which sounds really exciting - will keep in touch with her and maybe see her again sometime in France.

Tomorrow back to the UK - ferry to Jersey and a flight back up to Edinburgh. Pick up the cat at the Cat's Hotel and home!

Je suis pooped!


France Mont St. Michel and Jazz

Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st March 2009

After a fabulous soya latte and raspberry muffin in Bean Around the World in St. Helier Jersey - James and I said our goodbyes to Jersey Jazz and headed to the port to catch the ferry to St.Malo for the next leg of our journey.

We arrived late afternoon and chilled out at Martin Taylor's house in France. Day off tomorrow so we'll do a bit of work with lap tops and try and do some sightseeing.

The weather was great and we got up fairly early to drive to Mont St. Michel - what an amazing place! We walked up to the top and I almost collapsed with aching legs!

A well deserved coffee that cost an arm and a leg was had and we set back to Martin's house for dinner with friends.

Gig tomorrow night - so need to sleep a bit later to be properly rested for the show.

Bye for now

Jersey Jazz, Rum Ba Ba, Chicken in a Basket, Prawn Cocktails and a New Line Up!

Sunday 29th March 2009

Jersey jazz - all going well. Line up for both nights included Alan Barnes on saxophone and clarinet, Dave Green on double bass, Martin Taylor on guitar, James on drums and me on vocals!

It was really great to be working with Dave Green again - he is such a fabulous player and for the first time to be working with Alan Barnes. That was absolutely the best! Loved it!

James and I sat down for dinner at the hotel - it wasn't too inspiring to say the least. Macaroni Cheese without the cheese and some vegetables that had been on the boil since September last year!

The menu was mental - see pic! It was THE menu that has been stuck in the 70's since pineapple rings first found their way onto Gammon Steak - shortly followed by the plastic cherry on top! I'm always concerned when I see on a menu - "Vegetarian Dish Of The Day" - what that really means is either Mushroom Stroganoff, Goats Cheese Timbale or Vegetarian lasagna!!! On this occasion it was Macamessie Cheese with virtual Cheddar! Hey but the hotel had wi-fi! With it on some things!

Fantastic stuff! Food was a real blast from the past but the jazz was great! Well done to Ernie who organised the festival!

We chilled out after the gig for a wee while then off to bed for a fairly early start to get to France tomorrow. Well not too early but James and me will try and squeeze in a coffee at one of the cafes before we head on the ferry to St. Malo.

Pip pip

Ciao for now